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YouTube dislike update 2021 Explained - Youtube new update 2021 - YouTube dislike button update -

YouTube new update about dislikes  2021 - YouTube removing dislike button from youtube -

YouTube has made an announcement yesterday and   it's trying to hide the dislike button count from the  platform basically from the end of the public. i think definitely it's a significant change .  but when i sit down and when i think i feel it is   counter-productive now the reason behind this article is to analyze how important or even how   unimportant the dislike count from the public view. 

YOUTUBE DISLIKE UPDATE 2021 - Youtube remove dislike button update. 

 we were also focused   on analyzing what other things youtube must  focus on rather than just focusing on dislike   count. what i clearly don't understand here  is youtube tweeted saying that this change   is in response to the creators feedback about  their well-being and targeted dislike campaigns   well i understand. i know the meaning of well-being  but still i went to google and i searched for the   meaning of well-being it said that the state  of being comfortable happy and healthy but   this was all making sense to me until i saw  another tweet from youtube saying that " creators   you are going to see the dislike numbers from the  creator studio but not just from the public "    this doesn't make any sense to me as in  if dislike button update is for the creator's well-being.

why should they make dislike button visible in the creator  studio can the creator just go in the creator   studio and see and look at the number of dislikes  and likes don't you think that ratio will upset   them again don't you think that's harmful for  their well-being right this is so confusing   or maybe youtube has got some other reasons  but they aren't putting it in the right way 

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Importantance of likes and dislikes in youtube - youtube new dislikes update.

  well i don't understand now let's talk about why  i think dislikes are equally important as likes i   strongly believe that dislikes are also part of  an engagement signal now let me explain you why   engagement in youtube terminology is nothing but  responding or reacting to the creator's content   right when youtube likes comments and shares  all of them fall under engagement signals   why the hell don't you think this slice will not  fall under this category it's confusing right   now that's my opinion i might be right i might be  wrong not sure now secondly .

we all know youtube is   a huge learning platform that being said we all  know how many tutorials are being uploaded on   youtube one hour tutorials 1.5 hour tutorials to  our tutorials do you think you can commit to that   time without looking at the feedback from other  viewers what i personally do is when i get on to   a tutorial video. 

i first look at the likes and  dislikes ratio if i see the dislikes are more then   i know there's something off with that particular  content and then i immediately scroll through the   comments and see if the video has achieved um or  has given the solution to the problem that i'm   searching for only then i will commit to watching  that one hour or one and a half hour video   right now if the dislike count is being removed  that will impact we as a viewer would not be   understanding the quality of the content that  is being uploaded onto the platform i strongly   believe feedback is really important on multiple  levels or even phases of our life and i think   youtube is being inspired by instagram removing  their likes but instagram removing their likes is   falling under the category of validation.

but  youtube removing the dislike count falls under   the category of content quality and that would  affect the viewers stay on the platform itself   now let's talk about what are the other things  that youtube can focus instead of just removing the public count of dislike button. 

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1. 10k-25k Youtube Play Button - youtube dislike button update 2021.

The first thing  that i think youtube can focus on is giving   play buttons to those creators who have hit 10  000 subscribers or at least 25 000 subscribers   i know for a lot of budding youtubers hitting  thousand in itself is a great deal right but   10000 , 25 000 is that major milestone that a lot  of them still want to achieve but if youtube   is just giving one single play button for hundred  thousand that's a long way to go for a lot of them   imagine if youtube was giving play buttons  to those creators who've hit 10000 or 25 000   subscribers imagine the kind of motivation these  creators have and the kind of content they would   create would be top notch. 

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2. Remove old- inactive  channels from youtube - Youtube Dislike button update 2021.

I also think youtube can  remove the old/inactive channels that have been inactive since   ages and hasn't got nothing important to keep up  with the quality of the platform the third thing   what i think youtube can improve is seo research  ability. i know youtube search bar gives us the   ability to know what people are searching for but  youtube has the ability to refine that so that we   don't have to buy other third-party optimizing  platforms and you know shell out our money right.

CONCLUSION about dislike button update 2021 of youtube:-

YOUTUBE dislike button update 2021 is more important for creators than views. Creators hide the feedback of video and viewers unable to see the feedback that is this video informative or not. So Youtube dislike button update 2021 is good for us creators. 


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