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Top 15 Chrome Flags - How to enable chrome Flags - ( Explained step By step)


Google Chrome is the most downloaded browser in the world & it keeps on getting updated with new features So, I will be telling you about various hidden features of Google Chrome in this article, that you may not know but all these features can be very useful . 


 Duet Feature First up, I am gonna be telling you about the flag features of Google Chrome. These flag features of Chrome are experimental features & are totally hidden. To access them, open Chrome browser and on the address bar, type chrome: // flags You can access this even when you're offline and you can see "Experiments" written on top. 

These are experimental features so there can be some features that may not work well but the features that I am going to tell you will work pretty nicely.



2.Duet feature

 Now, many people have small fingers and the phone screen is very big so it becomes difficult to search or switch between tabs using one hand only. Using Duet Feature, you can get yourself a solution when you search for DUET on the flags search bar, so you will see a lot of options in this feature and you can select the menus that you want to have in the lower navigation bar.

 And then when you enable or activate it, relaunch the Chrome Browser (sometimes not in a single chance but twice) will the features get activated. So you can see that a navigation bar is now activated below using which you can share what you're browsing you can also search, and there are a lot of other options available. You can modify these options as well for example, if you want to have options other than Home, Search & Share, you can enable them.

 Like in this we have Home, Search & Tab Switcher variation available. I want Tab Switcher option so I've enabled it and after relaunching the app not once but twice now you can see the Tab Switcher option is activated. This can be a very convenient option for those with little fingers and big display phones. Lets now move to the next feature.


 3. Overscroll History Navigation 

Whenever you want to navigate in a tab to the next page or previous one, it is a bit difficult but with one of Google Chrome's Flag Feature, you can navigate to the next or previous page using gestures to activate this, go to Flags settings page and search for "Overscroll History Navigation" or simply just type "Overscroll History ..." and enable it. 

Now relaunch Chrome app and after relaunching as you can see, if you swipe from the left edge towards the middle of the display, then the previous page opens up and if ... you swipe from the right edge to the center, the next page opens up. Using this, you can easily navigate between last page and next page. 


chrome flags
disable chrome flag
allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost
chome flags
chorome flags
google flags settings
chrome experimental options
chrome experimental features
chrome flags
chrome flags home enable
chrome flags android
chrome flags dark
chrome flags settings android
chrome flags parallel
chrome flags dark mode
chrome flags page
chrome flags android 2021
chrome flags android dark mode
chrome flags address bar bottom
chrome flags android home
chrome flags allow invalid certificate localhost
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chrome flags bottom bar
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chrome flags black theme
chrome flags bottom search bar
chrome flags blocked
chrome flags block ads
chrome flags bookmarks
chrome flags clipboard
chrome flags copy image
chrome flags command line
chrome flags chromebook
chrome flags certificate
chrome flags color
chrome flags cast
chrome flags cache
chrome flags download
chrome flags disable
chrome flags duet
chrome flags dynamic color gamut
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chrome flags december 2020
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chrome flags enable tab grid layout
chrome flags experimental
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chrome flags group policy
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chrome flags horizontal tab switcher
chrome flags hacks
chrome flags https
chrome flags hdr
chrome flags hardware acceleration
chrome flags history
chrome flags insecure
chrome flags in android
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chrome flags incognito
chrome flags import password
chrome flags is blocked
chrome flags insecure origins treated as secure
chrome flags javascript
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chrome js-flags
chrome flags experimental javascript
chrome //flags/#enable-npapi java
jibri chrome flags
chrome //flags/#enable-npapi ativar java
chrome flags keep resetting
chrome flags kiosk
chrome flags karma
chrome //flags k
chrome flags registry keys
chrome //flags/#hardware-media-key-handling firefox
chrome //flags dark knight mode
chrome // flags / # hardware-media-key-processing
chrome flags link
chrome flags legacy tls enforced
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chrome //flags/#enable-quic and hit enter
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open chrome //flags/#quick-unlock-pin
chrome //flags (without quotes)
quote chrome //flags/#automatic-tab-discarding /quote
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chrome flags you should enable
chrome //flags/ y busca allow-sync-xhr-in-page-dismissal
chrome flags settings youtube
chrome flags articles for you
chrome //flags/#enable-npapi youtube
chrome //flags/#enable-parallel-downloading y
type chrome //flags.

4. Experimental QUIC Protocol 

With the help of Flags' next feature, your device's internet speed can increase significantly. For this, on the flags search bar type "QUIC". and you'll see the first option "Experimental QUIC Protocol". Enable this option from the menu and relaunch Chrome. Now when you will browse, the internet speed would be better because Chrome will work on UDP Protocol instead of TCP Protocol due to which downloading speed increases. 

Full form of ATM

5. Interest Content Suggestion 

Google Chrome's content suggestion by which you can read lots of interesting articles according to your interests. This feature is quite good but after an update, you now cannot remove these articles by just swiping. For this, on the 3-dot menu alongside the article, click on "Hide Story" and then the article is removed. This is a very annoying way to remove the articles but using Chrome flags settings, you can enable the swipe to remove option again. 
For this, in the flag search bar, type "Interest Feed Suggestion" and the first option you see is of Interest Feed Suggestion, click on Disable option at the bottom and then relaunch the app. Now as you can see, we can now remove the articles by simply swiping them out.


 6. Parallel Download Using a flag feature

we can increase the download speed significantly. And the downloading won't stop as well. This feature is known as Parallel Downloading. To activate Parallel downloading, you have to type on flags search bar Parallel Download and simply enable it from the menu. Now relaunch the Chrome app. 

After enabling this option, whenever you will add a file to download, the browser will divide that file into parts so that they get downloaded simultaneously and the speed also does not go down. So, in this way you can definitely increase your download speeds.

 7. Ephemeral Tab

 we all like to read articles on the Internet and many a times we read articles of the same website and we end up opening a new tab for every article in the background. This makes us to forget about the opened tabs after reading the article and that results in a cluttered tab list hence the scrolling smoothness takes a hit. 

We can save ourselves from this by using the Preview Link feature of Chrome Flags. To use this feature, in the flags search bar, you have to type Ephemeral. EPHEMERAL The first option you'll see after typing has to be enabled from the menu. And then restart the Chrome browser. The next time you want to read any article, or go through a link, then you just have to long hold it and you'll see a "Preview Page" option. 
By this, you can view this page and also read the whole article in the same tab. And when you're done with the page, you can simply click on the "X" button to close the link there itself and can continue with the other article / link in the same tab. This feature can be very handy if you are a fan of reading many articles in one go !! And you don't want to open a lot of tabs. 


8. Dark Mode Content

 Google Chrome in its settings page has started a Dark Theme which has impressed a lot of people. But this feature still has an issue that if you access a website that does not support Dark Mode you will see the background in white. By using this flag feature, you can enable dark mode for all websites' content as well. For this, type in the flag search bar "Force Dark Mode" You'll see "Force Dark Mode ... for Web Content" as the first one. Enable this setting and relaunch the app.
 After relaunching the app, when you'll open the same websites that weren't running on dark mode earlier, those are now running on dark mode. This feature will also be liked my many so you can definitely try that. 

9.Google Lens

 Image Search Friends, while browsing the web content we come across a lot of images and very often, we want to search about that particular image. And now you can search those images directly in the same tab itself seamlessly by using the feature that I will share with you.

 For this, in the search bar type "Google Lens" and after that click on the first result that you'll see and select "Enable" option and just like before, relaunch the app. After relaunching the app, you'll see that after long pressing the image, there's a new option "Search with Google Lens". 
On tapping this option, a new interface of Google Lens will open (as you can see) and you can now see all the details of that image on the same tab (as you can see) ... So this is also a good feature that people will like. 

10. Shared Clipboard

 Many of us keep our Chrome account logged in on desktops or laptop devices and the same account is logged in our mobile phones as well. And very often, we want to copy the same text to our desktop device also as it is in our mobile phones so we have to put in a lot of effort. 

But using a Chrome flag feature, we can copy any content in our phone browser and share it with our desktop's clipboard simultaneously. For this, search for "Shared Clipboard", click on "Enable" from the menu and then restart the app. To make this feature work on PC, the same steps have to be followed on the PC's Chrome app so that you can use this feature. Basic TIPS & Settings So, this was all about the Flag Features and now I will tell you about the features for which you don't need to access the flag settings.

11. Tabs

 First up, if you want to read or access the contents of two tabs simultaneously, then the tab which is already open, keep it open and long press the Recents button below. This will divide the screen content into half and your Chrome tab will remain open at the top half. Now what you have to do is click on the 3-dot menu on the top right of the current tab, you'll see an option "Move to another window" & select that option. So, now you can see that you can access both the tabs simultaneously. One tab is on top & second at bottom half. This is very convenient to use for those who like to multi-task. If you have opened multiple tabs, then to access the different tabs you have to click again & again on the tabs option and only then you can switch between them.

12.Gesture mode

 Many people would already know this gesture that by simply long holding the tabs option and sliding right or left and you can open the previous or the next tab. You can also do this with the address bar, by sliding to the right previous tab and by sliding towards left will open the next tab. Guys, sometimes we want to only hear the video or song we're watching on YouTube. I have a trick by which in Chrome browser you can play the YT video in the background. 

As you can see, normally whenever we play a YouTube video on Chrome, and then when we go to the home screen we see that it has stopped playing and also goes away from the notification panel. But if the same video is played in the Desktop mode (as you can see) and then if you click the Home button, you'll see that the video has not gone from the background and also control the playback from the notification panel, the audio doesn't stop as well !! This is also an interesting trick by which you can enjoy Youtube videos without even watching them. 

13. Chrome like a file manager.

The next feature I am going to tell you can be very helpful. Using this feature you can access files of your device using Chrome like a file manager. For this, you have to type in the Chrome address bar "file: /// sdcard" It doesn't matter whether your device has an SD card or not as it is the code for accessing the Internal Storage of your device. As you can see that by this code, you can now access all you internal storage files. 

You can open all the folders & see the content of all the folders. If your device has music & video files then you can play them on Chrome. 


14.Offline download

You all must be knowing that you can download any webpage offline by using the "Download" option in 3-dot menu. But if you want to save it as PDF, this can also be done using Chrome browser. For this, click on the 3-dot menu and select the "Share" option. You will see a "Print" option in the menu & clicking on that will make a Preview file and from the top, select "Save as PDF". 

In this way you can download it in PDF and read it whenever you want to and can share it as well. This is also a pretty cool feature and it gets a big thumbs up from me. 

15.Force enable zoom

There are various sites that run as a mobile site on Chrome browser. The disadvantage is that you cannot use pinch to zoom gesture on these sites. This could be troublesome for many people but I have a solution for this. In the Settings page of Chrome browser, after scrolling down, click on "Accessibility" & turn on the "Force Enable Zoom" option.

 After turning on this feature, you can zoom on those mobile sites using your fingers that earlier was not happening. This is also a great feature and I hope it'll be of your convenience as well. 
So guys, these were some hidden features of Google Chrome that I am sure will definitely help in your browsing experience. 

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