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Why Satellite maps in INDIA are BLURRY compared to other countries | google maps blur

Do you know why India earthen map of India is blurry. As compared to other developed countries.There are many reasons behind it, just read the article carefully. 

Why google map of India is blurry:-

Why does India's satellite view on Google map shows so blurry as compared to satellite view of developed countries like the US the UK and Australia? Is it the weather,pollution or do they use low quality imaging system for developing countries like India? Google's satellite view is not made only by satellite images, in popular developed areas they buy aerial photography and composite that together with the satellite images.

 If you zoom out of a satellite view in Europe you get the satellite view clear but when you get close they switch to aerial photography. Actually in some areas like rural areas of the US and Europe you don't get the same close zoom because those areas are not significant.

Google clearly haven't paid to fly planes over India, perhaps they don't think there is sufficient commercial justification yet, it is a big country so getting a plane to fly every km of it would be very difficult.



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