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OLDEST WAITING LIVESTREAM on YouTube | YouTube's biggest glitch

Hey guys do you know there is a Livestream on YouTube that is oldest wating Livestream on YouTube. On 16 jun 2014 the Livestream was started and people waiting for start but unfortunately the live stream don't start now people are waiting for that live stream.

YouTube Live was a 2008 event streamed live on the Internet from San Francisco and Tokyo. It was launched November 22–23, 2008.

 In 2020 this is a screen shot where 25k people are waiting for stream this is amazing.  The name of this channel is MIX and it has 30k likes and many dislikes on this stream . This channel is totally dead. Today people also waiting for this stream. See this screen shot there are many people waiting. If you want to know more about this stream so watch video on our youtube channel zk tech tools

Glitches of youtube:-

In youtube there are lot of biggest glitches like 315 views, -likes etc. Many of them you never seen. I don't know how, why and where from these glitches come. 

What is the oldest waiting live stream on YouTube?

In this video, I look into the longest waiting live stream on YouTube. This live stream goes back to 7 years ago and is STILL waiting to be started. What is the longest YouTube Live Stream

Find out in this video...


Longest waiting live stream on YouTube? 
👉 Read article.

What is the longest live stream on YouTube?
Can you watch past YouTube live streams?
👉 Yes you are. 
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