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Invalid Input problem-100% solved - invalid input solution - invalid input pop up

Here is everything about the invalid input so read the article  carefully invalid input problem is the not the problem of phone it is the problem of your sim card. Now I will tell you how to solve invalid input problem in your phone. 

▶ What is invalid input:-

invalid input is a error in your phone it shows a popup messages it shows ok and cancel button and  shows invalid input .this pop up message is too Irtating, everyone is trying to find a solution of this problem so in this article you find everything that no one tell you about invalid input 


Invalid Input problem-100% solved - invalid input solution - invalid input pop up
      Invalid input problem. 

 First of all if you are using dual sim remove the one sim and check out our phone if the problem sitll persists then  remove sim and add second one you  must check which sim is actually  faulty. 

This is not a problem with your phone.It's a problem of the SIM card you are using.If you are using a dual SIM , then remove one of the SIMs, if the problem persists, then the SIM which is currently on the device is dead .
If the problem does not persist, then the SIM which you have taken out is faulty.


Main solution of invalid input that no one will tell you :-

You have to go to the centre of the concerned SIM and ask for a replacement, which may either be free or chargeable may be 20 to 30 RS depending on the carrier Probably this problem is seen more when the mobile becomes old or if the old SIM is inserted in the new mobile

We will see below, how to know if the problem is with the SIM or the phone.Invalid input is a big problem in 4g devices and it is too difficult to know the reason for this problem.

This problem occurs in almost all mobile devices such as MI, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, etc. It can also be from various telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, jio, etc. Read the below steps. 

First Step:- 

Invalid input solution  First of all remove the sim card and clean the sim slot gently.Then reinsert the faulty sim.Restart the phone.Problem is solved, if the problem still not solved then follow the second step. 


Second Step:-

You have to go to the nearest Network provider company store like Airtel store or Vodafone store which is relevant for your sim.After that replace your sim with a new one. it can take 1 min.Then insert your new sim card.You problem is 100% solved 

1. Go to respective sim company store or local mobile/sim shop. 

2. Ask shopkeeper for a duplicate SIM. It will cost you approx. 20 rupees.

3. Follow the instructions mentioned on the SIM Pack and you're problem will solve. 

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